John Zilverberg Story

The John Zilverberg "Story"  - At age 101, soon to be 102, here is his SD Senior Games Story:


John Zilverberg was born 8/2/1913.  He lived with his family in several locations in South Dakota until 1928 when they landed on a ranch north of Holabird, South Dakota.  John worked on the ranch till 1941 at the start of WWII when he enlisted in the US Marines.  He spent the next four years in the Marines, much of the time in the South Pacific.  After the war, John returned to the ranch and went to raising registered cattle and selling breeding stock.  In 1994 he was inducted into the National Polled Hereford Association Hall of Fame for his contribution to the breed.

1985 was the first year John participated in the Senior Games.  He has never missed a year since that he did not participate in at least two Senior Games in South Dakota.

In 2005 at the age of 92, he was recognized as the Top Athlete over 80 in the South Dakota Senior Games.  In 2010 John and his brother Dave were inducted into the South Dakota Senior Games Hall of Fame.

In 2007 John attended the National Senior Games in Louisville, KY.  He won 5th place in bowling and 7th place in 100 meter run.  In 2009 John attended the National Games in San Francisco where he won a gold in singles bowling and shot put; a silver in 100 meter run and discus.  In 2011 he attended the National Games in Houston where he won a gold in bowling mixed doubles and hammer throw; silver in discus; bronze in bowling singles, 100 meter run, javelin, and shot put.

In 2012 John was inducted into the United States Bowling Congress, South Dakota Branch, Hall of Fame.  

In 2013 John attended the National Senior Games in Cleveland, Ohio where he won gold in javelin, hammer throw, bowling singles; silver in shot put and discus.

In 2014 John attended the Senior Games in Huron and Aberdeen and finally the state games in Rapid City where he won 10 gold medals to qualify for the National Senior Games in Minneapolis, Minnesota in 2015.  Up to this time John as 39 all time records in the South Dakota Senior Games in various events in different age brackets.





            John Zilverberg - age 101 - soon to be 102 in August 2015.     Here is a picture of John Bowling at a recent South Dakota

            Senior Games.  John plans to participate in several events at the National Senior Games in Minneapolis in 2015.



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