Outstanding Male and Female Athlete Awards


           Outstanding Athletes


     Recognition of Overall Superlative Achievement when

     Participating in the Annual S.D. State Senior Games  

                     by the South Dakota Senior Games Association

2021 Mary Meierhenry, Outstanding Female Athlete

2021 Ron Kachena,Outstanding Male Athlete

Jim Phillips, Deadwood, who received  the Outstanding Male Athlete Award, based on 2018 SD State Games performance.   

Howard Bich, Executive Director of the SD Senior Games, presents Kathy Grady, Sioux Falls with the  Outstanding Female Athlete for 2019  (who received that award along with Dawn Kruse). Kathy was unable to attend the Awards ceremony at the Annual Banquet/Awards Dinner, on September 6, 2019.

Brian Hunhoff, Yankton, President of the SD Senior Games, presenting the Outstanding Female Athlete Award to Dawn Kruse, Sioux Falls.


Brian Hunhoff- “Outstanding Male Athlete -2017”, and for Deb Bodenstedt- “Outstanding Female Athlete-2017”



Year                     Athlete                                       Hometown

2021            Jennifer Kirby                                 Sioux Falls

2019            Mary Meierhenry                            Sioux Falls

2018            Kathy Grady +Dawn Kruse            Sioux Falls       

2017            Deb Bodenstedt                              Yankton

2016            Jo Murren                                        Brandon

2015            Mary Turner                                     Pierre

2014            Mary Schulte                                    Brookings

2013            Karen Billington                                Box Elder

2012           Jan Johnson                                      Watertown

2011           Edie Mueller                                       Sioux Falls

2010           Kay Jorenby                                     Brookings

2009           Virginia “Ginny” Banek                   Kimball     

2008           Roberta  Parker                                Lead

2007           Waynette Geigle                               Pollock

2006           Diann Nelson                                    Sioux Falls

2005           Elaine Goldammer                           Mitchell

2004           Leann Fredrickson                           Aberdeen

2003           Ceil Edrich                                         Hoven

2002           Edith Weber                                       Piedmont

2001           Diane Rahn                                        Sioux Falls

2000           Audrey Kempf                                   Woonsocket

1999           Harriet Kaufman                                Freeman

1998           Jackie Bjorke                                     Huron

1997           Darlain Deibert                                   Harreid

1996           Mary Kay                                            Wilmot

1995           Nona Todd                                          Bismark, ND

1994           Edith Weber                                        Piedmont

1993           Mary Boe                                             Sundance, WY

1992           Alice Donovan                                    Pierre

1991           Phyllis O’Connor                                Rapid City

1990           Francis Fitch                                       Milesville

1989           Jeanne Kirsch                                     Rapid City

1988           Patricia Farrar                                     Britton

1987           Julianne Marzluf                                 Rapid City

1986           Dorothy Jost                                       Gettysburg

1985           Lee Anthony                                        Rapid City

1984           Ginny Anderson                                  Pierre




Year                Athlete                                          Hometown

2021           Dale Stradinger                               Rapid City

2019           Ron Kachena                                   Yankton

2018           Jim Phillips                                       Deadwood

2017           Brian Hunhoff                                   Yankton

2016           Delmer Wolkow                                 DeSmet

2015           Howard Bich                                      Sioux Falls

2014           Tom Nelson                                       Tea

2013           Doug Roby                                         Sioux Falls

2012           Steve Johnson                                   Sioux Falls

2011           Richard Ross                                      Vermillion

2010           Lyle Sonnenschein                           Hot Springs                 

2009           Tim Bjorkman                                    Canistota                     

2008           Lonnie Iverson                                   Madison                                 

2007           Don Phillips                                        Sioux Falls                             

2006           Dan Mehlbrech                                   Sioux Falls                   

2005           Rick Althoff                                         Yankton                                  

2004           Lloyd Kempf                                        Woonsocket                          

2003           Roland Kleinschmidt                           Harrold                         

2002           Harvey Mills                                          Brookings                              

2001           Roger Nelson                                        Brookings                              

2000           Gerald Armitage                                   Sioux Falls                             

1999           Danny Olson                                         Sioux Falls                             

1998           Dr. Ken Kessinger                                Sioux Falls                             

1997           Vern Anthony                                        Rapid City                              

1996           Lee Stadem                                           Sioux Falls                             

1995           Frank Page                                            Interior                

1994           Bob Beattie                                           Aberdeen                     

1993           Vince Durkin                                         Rapid City                              

1992           Alvin Uecker                                         Wagner                         

1991           Dr. Charles “Scotty” Roberts              Brookings

1990           Dr. Glen Peterson                                 Sioux Falls         

1989           Frank Farrar                                          Britton                

1988           Clarence Riggs                                     Spearfish 

1987           Fred Frost                                             Hoven                 

1986           Eldon “Lars” Larson                            Watertown         

1985           Delbert Bender                                      Mitchell    

1984           Emmett Bennett                                    Rapid City


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