Rookie of the Year Award

2021 Kathy Dellman,Rookie of the Year

This image is of Jodie Gjefle, Pollock, who received the "Rookie of the Year" Award at the 2019 Banquet, based on her performance at the State Games in 2018.



Darcy Burnham and Dowell Casseli-Smith are for the Female “Rookie” of the Year and Male “Rookie” of the Year, based on their 1st year performances in the SD State Senior Games in 22017


Rookie of the Year


Recognition of Superlative Achievement of Athletes Distinguishing

Themselves in their First Eligible Year of Competition in the Annual

                                S.D. State Senior Games  

                      by the South Dakota Senior Games Association



  Year                     Athlete                                       Hometown

2021                    Kim Patrick                             Sioux Falls

2019                     Kathy Dellman                       Brandon

2018                    Jodi Gjefle                               Pollock

2017                    Darcy Burnham-Sioux Falls   Dowell-Caselli Smith-Rapid City

2016                    Gary Aderhold                         Bath

2015                    Mary Meierhenry                      Sioux Falls

2014                    Mary Turner                              Pierre

2013                    Gerald Lange                            Madison

2012                    Nancy Lewellen                        Spearfish

2011                     Brian Roegiers                          Brandon

2010                     Doug Roby                              Sioux Falls

2009                     Julie Retallick                          Little Eagle

2008                     Kay Jorenby                            Brookings

2007                     Jim Smoragiewicz                   Rapid City

2006                     Darlene Kuhnel                        Flandreau

2005                     Tony Trussell                            Sioux Falls                                                       

2004                     Patricia Entringer                     Colman

2003                     Sharon Bortnem                       Brookings

                             Marc Richards                           Brookings

2002                     Ann Novotny                             Lake Andes

2001                     Richard Ross                            Vermillion

                             Verlyn Pritzkau                          Rapid City

2000                     Glenn Carlson                           Winner

                              Anne Bodman                          Sturgis

1999                     Dale Paulson                             Wessington                           










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