SD State Games Rules Regulations, and Format

                                                                     2016 South Dakota Senior Games  

                                                          SPORT RULES, REGULATIONS, AND FORMAT

Following are the general regulations and qualifying rules for the South Dakota Senior Games.The Games, for the most part, follow the rules used at National Senior Games Association (NSGA).   Refer to National Rules for specific qualifying information.  Visit the National Web site at

  • AGE FOR COMPETITION:  All Athletes must be at least age 50 on or before December 31, of the year of participation. 
  • AGE GROUP PARTICIPATION:  The Age Group is determined by their age of December 31, of the year of participation.
  • PROPER ATTIRE FOR COMPETITION:  All Athletes must wear athletic type clothing and shoes which are usual and customary for the sport in which they are competing.
  • ARCHERY:  900 Round-6 ends at 40,50 & 60 yards.  Targets will be furnished.
  • 3 on 3 HALF COURT BASKETBALL:  Follow National rules.  15 minute halves, running times until the last 2 minutes of each half, then regular NCAA basketball rules applies.  The youngest player determines the age bracket.
  • BEAN BAG:  50 Throws
  • BOWLING:  Singles / Doubles / Mixed Doubles.  Scratch high score after three games – Age group determined by the youngest member (Special Fee).
  • CYCLING:  Helmets required.
  • GOLF:  9 or 18 Holes.  (Special green and cart fees apply).
  • HORSESHOES:  50 Shoes.  Women 50-74 may pitch a distance of 30 feet.  Women 75+ can pitch at 20 feet.  Men 50-69 will pitch at 40 feet.  Men 70+ will  pitch at 30 feet.
  • PICKLEBALL-Singles /Doubles / Mixed Doubles.  Age is determined by youngest member.  Bring own paddles.
  • RACQUETBALL:  Protective eyewear is mandatory.  Singles / Doubles.  Age group determined by youngest player. Bring your own rackets.
  • 5K ROAD RACE:  All age categories.   Men & women will run simultaneously.
  • SHUFFLEBOARD:  Singles / Doubles.  Men & women singles - 6 frames.  Doubles -12 frames.  PLEASE NOTE:  Doubles may be mixed or of the same gender.  Doubles age is determined by the youngest player.
  • SOFTBALL:  All one sex for South Dakota and Nationals.  The youngest player on the team  determines age bracket.
  • SWIMMING:  Starts and turns must be according to US Masters Rules. (No Time Trials)
  • SPIN CASTING: Can bring your own or will have available.
  • TABLE TENNIS:  Singles / Doubles / Mixed Doubles.  Score to 11 points (change serve after 2 points).  Doubles age bracket determined by youngest player. PLEASE NOTE:  NO WHITE OR ORANGE SHIRTS. 
  • TENNIS:  Singles / Doubles / Mixed Doubles.  Bring own racquets & one can of new balls.  Age bracket determined by youngest player in doubles and mixed doubles.
  • TRAP SHOOTING:  ?Can bring your own shells or available for purchase. (50 Targets) (Practice Rounds available for purchase) (Eye protection and Hearing protection required).
  • VOLLEYBAL:  Co-ed for South Dakota – All one sex for Nationals.  Age Group determined by youngest player on the team.
  • 8 BALL POOL:  Rules in accordance to NBDA.
  • TRACK & FIELD:  Participants must use proper race walking techniques.  Only ¼” spikes allowed.  Athletes must provide their own vaulting poles.  Throwing implements will be provided.   Weights for various implements  SDSGA as follows:

  DISCUS:      Men: (50-59)= 1.5 kg    (60+)=1 kg                Women: (50-74)=1 kg   (75+)=.75 kg

  SHOT PUT:  Men: (50-59)=6 kg       (60-69)= 5 kg             Women: (50-74)=3 kg;  (75+)=2 kg

                       Men:  (70-79)=4 kg     (80-89)=3 kg                   

                       Men: (90+)=2 kg

JAVELIN:  Men:  (50-59) = 700 grams;   (60-69)= 600 grams          Women:  (50-74) = 500 grams

                  Men:  (70-79) = 500 grams:   (80+)= 400 grams             Women:    (75+)= 400 grams

HAMMER:  Men:  (50-59)=6 kg              (60-69)=5 kg                        Women:   (50-74)=3 kg

                    Men:  (70-79)=4 kg              (80-89)=3 kg                        Women:  (75+)=2 kg

                    Men:  (90+)=2 kg



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